Welcome to eternity

5 minutes walk from Monzennakacho, Koto-ku.
Close to the mouth of the Sumida River,

Waterfront, eternal.

Connecting the city center and the place of residence from ancient times

With the symbol Eitai Bridge at the entrance

It is a city where old and new times are mixed.

Narrow alleys and small rivers,

Torii hidden in a row of buildings ...

This miscellaneous space

Eternal coexistence

as its name suggests

For a long time

It is also a city that embodies.

The charm of Eitai , not just tourism

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Please try it.


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I want to see it forever!

2020.10.31 Spot update

First of all, we choose

10 recommended spots for eternity!

From a famous photo spot

A leisurely walk course,

To a little mysterious place

Eternal with plenty of charm.

Click the photo you care about!









8. City Sky Tree

Sightseeing spots that do not require explanation

Dare to be with "Eitai's daily life"

Can take

2. Fox Shrine

7 minutes walk from Monzennakacho Station

One of the most powerful spots of all time

Is it really rumored that you will feel better?


誰しもが認める永代 NO.1 観光スポット。門前仲町駅より徒歩8分で見ることのできる国の重要文化財

10. Scary road

Eitai's hidden sightseeing (!?) Spot

In a residential area

What appeared quietly ...

Sightseeing spots that have been popular since the Edo period

From eternity to Sky Tree !?

A good old place to talk with the wind

9. Eternal pedestrian bridge

Overpass footbridge over Eiyo-dori

Eitai / Monzennakacho cityscape

Let's look from high

5. Retro post office

Official name Koto Eitai Post Office, near Eitai Bridge

Leave the area around Monzennakacho Station to this post office!

There is also a landscape sign to commemorate

7. Tsukuda's condominiums

A popular photo spot with Eitai Bridge

Another light that illuminates Eitai, Koto-ku

Have you seen it in a drama?

4. Cherry tree lined promenade

Hidden cherry blossom viewing and sightseeing spots in Koto Ward

Cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in autumn

Enjoy the seasonal sunbeams



3. Fashionable street

If you get tired of sightseeing, take a break here

We have "good shops" in Monzennakacho

A little elegant lunch on this road

6. Eitai Bridge

Eternal NO.1 tourist spot recognized by everyone

You can see it in 8 minutes on foot from Monzennakacho Station

National Important Cultural Property

By purpose

If you take a look

From here!

See the fascinating scenery of Eitai.

Click the photo to enjoy the scenery of the scene more.


I want to make it forever!

Have you ever been impressed by the elaborate miniatures?

Even if it is difficult to prepare tools from scratch, paper craft makes it easy to make miniatures.

Let's recreate the town of Eitai at hand .


Speaking of the symbol of Eitai

Eitai Bridge ( 1/600 scale)

Paper pattern download

Make a flower bloom in a secret story

Yakata Ship (1/80 scale)

Pattern download


If you don't have it

Eitai Bridge Public Toilet (1/90 scale)

Leave delivery in this area!

Koto Eitai Post Office (1/100 scale)


Next to the company

Eidaibashi Animal Clinic

(1/95 scale)

Would you like to wish too?

Inari Shrine (1/50 scale)