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I want to sing!

Eternal original song

I made an eternal original song.

We are looking for cover arrangement sound sources!

"In this favorite city"

Written by: Street Corner Club

【No. 1】

In a peaceful city

When you walk along the edge

The sound of these shoes

Riding in the wind

Eventually crossing the sea

★ Someday my dreams will always come

I believed it would come true

Your thoughts are still alive

I live in this favorite city

[No. 2]

To a city that never sleeps

Guide and run

I know this way

Tears and smiles

Don't forget to sing everything

The past never disappears in a dream

Living over time

The important thing you gave me

I'm holding it in my chest in this city

★ Repeat

大好きなこの街で デモサウザンドデザイン
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